Noah’s Ark Doll Quilt







Mr. Saturn, Pumpkins, and Wolf Canvas Paintings


My brother and I worked on painting canvases.


My brother did a Mr. Saturn. On the 8×10 canvas we drew a 16×20 (.5″x.5″ squarea)grid that he filled in each square.



And the wolf and pumpkins are the two I did. I followed the tutorials on Step by Step Painting to do mine.

Greeting Card Books


For my sister’s and my graduation cards I used index card rings to turn them into greeting card books.


I used 3/4″ rings. For some reason my sister’s book will lay flat, but mine will not. If you make one you might want to try different size rings to see what you like.


I kinda like the way mine layes. But you can leave a card open to read on her’s.


Using the shortest card first, I created the templet for the holes. Then lined the cards up according to height.


Of course you could place them however you want.


A simple way to save cards from special events.



Homeschool VS. College Schedules

Good morning everyone! I thought I would start a series of post comparing my college life to that of being homeschooled. The first topic will be on schedules. What is a schedule? What’s a due date? There is such a thing as a late assignment? And what’s an assignment, again? any one else relate with me on this? Let’s get one with the comparison, shall we?

Homeschool schedule, or maybe routine is the better word. So, my homeschool routine! When I was younger we would school year around and take December off for Christmas and the weeks of my dad’s vacation as well. I think one year we did January in place of December. Not sure why we did that, though. 🙂 My last two years of homeschool, I was mostly teaching myself, so I kinda just did some school work through our breaks. 😉

Now for my college schedule. The year begins around the last week of August. It begins with the fall semester. In October we get about a week off for Fall break. Next we get Christmas break for around one week to three days. Depends on if you have finals ,and if you do, what day they are on. After the holiday it is called winter break. 😉 Winter break last from the day after Christmas to around the last full week in January.  Spring semester begins at the end of winter break. Spring break is around the first of March and is about a week. Then classes end around the first week of May. That brings us to the summer semester! I didn’t take summer classes this year. So, my summer break is from the second week in May all the way to the last week in August! And the cycle continues. 😀 At least for another four or five years. 😉

And one more thing that might be worth mentioning. Due dates and test. I am use to dealing with due dates and test now, but they sure are different from what I was use to doing. 😀 We didn’t normally have a set date to be done with a subject. Just as long as it got finished we were good. I My college classes I have had due date ether twice a week or only two or three times a month. Some variety exist between classes and instructors.

Well that’s about it on the subject. What are your all’s thoughts on schedules? I’d love to hear them! Comment now or even if this post is years old by the time you read! Does not matter to me!


Yours truly,