Prairie Sunbonnet Tutorial

Bonnet 1

This is what I came up with trying to make a sunbonnet pattern. I rounded the corners using a protractor.

Bonnet 2

Blanket 3

Bonnet 4

I sewed the three front pieces then turned and quilted every inch.

Bonnet 5

I then folded the ties as if I was making double fold bias tape and sewed down each side.

Bonnet 6

Bonnet 7

Next I hemmed the cape.

Bonnet 8

After that I gathered the raw edge and sewed to the short side of the crown.

Bonnet 9

Bonnet 10

With the ties sewn on.

Bonnet 11

Bonnet 12

And lastly I gathered the crown and sewed it to the front.

Bonnet 13

Now I have a sunbonnet.

I had originally saw this pattern , but could not piece it together. The tutorial is fine though. 🙂 Next time I might use a different tutorial.





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