Tie Dye and Kittens

Hi, everyone. I have finished my spring classes and found new homes for my textbooks, so summer can now begin! Fall classes start on August 27 and I will begin my joury to a Business Administration degree then! Not completely decided on what to do with it, but I’m sure it will be exciting. 😀


We did the tie dye on Sunday.


And Bootsie had six fuzzy kittens on Saturday. 🙂

I guess that’s all for now,



Sundae Cupcakes


My sister’s 18th birthday cupcakes. Sundae Cupcakes made with devels food cake, Wilton butter cream, magic shell ice cream topping, cherries, and sprinkles and coconut.

Just a Hello


Hey, everyone! Just thought I would let my few and marvelous readers know that I might not be around for a while. Classes start for me again in a week and I have some other things that will be taking up my time. Just thought I would let you all know what is up. That way I won’t be thought dead like every other Hobbit and blogger that has gone on an adventure. 😉

And the song my family now calls mine. What can I say? To quote Inigo Montoya “I hate waiting.”